Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I just finished watching The Incredibles and Jack Jack Attack and I discovered something astounding...I can now analyze Pixar animation! I was able to see their subtle use of squash and stretch, overlapping action, follow-through, etc. Not only that, but I understood why they used what they did. I was able to analyze the acting choices that were made for the characters and how they responded to things. I noticed the animators use of eye darts and understood why/how they were used. I noticed jaw arcs, the timing/spacing on the eye brows, and the shaping of the character's eye lids in relation to the eyeballs. It was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obviously I've been unable to actually analyze Pixar animation up until now. I would always be blown away by it (I still am) and left it at that. I never really noticed things like that before in their work, let alone understand how much and why they were used when they were. That Victor Navone lecture really opened my eyes to how things are done and why they're done that way. If he and everyone else at AnimationMentor were here I would kneel before them and thanks them profusely for the knowledge that they have imparted upon me!

Sadly, it's almost 10:30 at night and thus too late to start refining my shot. I'll try to bundle up all this energy and use it when I wake up tomorrow! :D Hopefully this new found knowledge will be applied to my shot, LOL.


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