Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hurry Hurry Hurry!

Hey guys, I'm still trying to catch up with my shot. I guess that technically I'm not behind since I'm basing all of this on a time frame that I had created in my head. Those things to do on my list were/are my requirements. So it's not like I'm behind according to AnimationMentor, LOL. That's good, but I still want to catch up. I just "finished" refining Leo a few minutes ago. It really shouldn't have taken me this long to work on him. I attributed that to the fact that he's doing a lot of physical stuff rather than simply staying in one spot. Anyway, that shot's coming along nicely. The part where he assumes his exasperated pose after looking at his watch is awesome! I'm so proud of the body animation there, LOL. I wish I had more frames for the watch arm though.

Week 8 Refining

There are still some areas that I want to work on before 3pm tomorrow. I want to get more overlap in frames 61-80. I also don't like how softly his arms go into his "vacation" pose. I think there some hitches in various places during the walk. I'll get to those when I start tracking arcs. First and foremost though, I need to implement my mentor's critique on my second shot

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Ruel said...

Hey wasup Joce

Ok its looking good. my crits are
- He has a weird high step around frame 29.
the arm fanning looks really good
me likey
- when he comes to a kinda side step stop looking at his watch.. looks a lil weird
-when he hits the pose on 84 there i feel like there is no weight his hips i think should go up and down as a reaction for hiting such a sharp pose. also the transitioning out of that pose into the angry pose infront of her I cant feel an anticipation movement. his hips i think should move down then up into that whole movment 91-103
- His arms movements from 91 to 103 stay right by his chin in a boxer stands the whole time looks a lil bit weird. i think maybe just maybe they should come over his head then down into the pose in front of her.
Hopefully ive even helped any lol good luck with it :)