Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Should Have Gone to Bed

I really should have gone to bed two hours ago. Instead I stayed up messing around in Maya. This is Taylor's room so far. On the other side he has two dressers, a door, and a tv. Across from him is a chair and where the closet will be. The layout is the same as the room in my storyboards, minus the fact that there's now a tv in his room. There's still quite a bit of work to do though. I need to fix his window so you see an image of the moon, I need to make some rough bed covers, and I need to make his closet. The only things I made in this scene are Taylor's hair, his lamp, his window and his pillows. I can model props fairly quickly and created those and a mirror in less than 30 minutes. Once you see the rest of his room, you'll notice that his dressers are a different style than his night stands. That's because I got the other models from turbo squid and liked that particular dresser, lol. If it looks too bad, I'll fix it.

Anyway, it's 1am and I know Taylor's pose is complete garbage. The lighting probably sucks too since I dont know how to light properly. This is basically me fooling around instead of going to bed.

Oh, I wanted Taylor's pajamas to have silly little ghosts on them but I kept getting an error whenever I hit update psd network.

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