Sunday, November 12, 2006

On to the Next Stage

Hey guys. Here's the final version of my story reel.

story reel

I'm finally ready to move on to layout. I started working on layout last night and was quite happy. I realised how close I finally am to the animation stage and i can't wait to get started. I really wanted to do some animation tests during class 5 but I didn't have time. There were days when I wanted to stop working on the 3d Twitch and do a "short" physical animation piece. I never gave in though, I kept telling myself I was getting everything done now so I wouldn't have to worry about that stuff when it's finally time to animate. I'm glad I that I did that because I now have Taylor's bedroom and the hallway for the end of the short finished. I've also customised Bishop to resemble Taylor. The Twitch model is finished and is being rigged by one of my friends. I turned in my story reel early and was told I could start working on layout even though we don't officially start that until 3pm today. So far everything is moving along nicely and I'm finishing things early. Hopefully this will enable me to spend more time focusing on animating when the time comes for that.

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