Monday, November 13, 2006


OK, technically I am almost finished with this week's assignment already. Layout it supposed to be really rough as far as poses go. The point of it is to focus on staging, roughing in the main actions and shot timing. I've got the staging down and I will tweak the timing tomorrow. Since I have so much time left, I was going to include more information as far as poses go and actions go. I've already started doing that with Taylor. His poses are almost animation ready. I'd like to do that with Twitch but I cant. The rig I made for him is completely awful! The hands are extremely bad. They rotate randomly and the whole forearm area looses and gains volume. If I rotate the arm too much in any direction the hand will start flipping out. There are weighting issues all over the place too. Thankfully one of my friends has offered to fix everything and do the facial set-up also. Hopefully the body rig will be ready soon so I can spruce up Twitch's poses.

The really bad part is the rig problems are making 2d look better and better. The fact that I keep watching CalArts shorts isn't helping either, lol. I really want to do some 2d animation but I know I can't. I know I'll just get frustrated because I dont like drawing directly into the computer and know that I'd do a much better job if I could animate on paper. I hope this will go away once I get the new Twitch rig. I think all of this is because I haven't been able to animate at all during class 5 when previously a day didn't go by where I didn't animate something. Lol, I guess I'm having animation withdrawal symptoms.

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