Tuesday, November 14, 2006

First Pass

I received a copy of the new Twitch rig today and I'm super happy with it! Everything is 600x's better than my crappy old rig and it's not even done yet! I was able to start and finish a first layout pass with the new rig in just a few hours. Here's what I have so far:

Layout: First Pass

I think some of the first few shots could use a bit more time. I'll add some more key poses tomorrow and see how everything feels after that. I'm using Twitch's proxy version because the skinning isn't finished yet and of course because its faster. It sad though because I'm starting to like the proxy version better than the actual character, lol.

Oh, the reason why it's so short is because we're supposed to work on our short in thirds. This one is the first third. I've also cut out the lamp part per my mentor's suggestion. I really liked it but it made the entire short go from 56 seconds to 49 seconds. One of the upperclassmen at AM has advised us that the longer the short, the lower it's quality. After reading that I considered scrapping the entire middle of the story and going from Taylor's bedroom to him having Twitch scare his sister, lol. I decided against that since it cut out about 90% of the story's charm, not to mention most of the story itself.

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