Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Story Reel WIP

I've started working on my official storyboards today. I was able to get about 17 panels done before getting tired. I guess that's good, especially since they're much better than last weeks. I just finished timing it out and have discovered something very disappointing. The whole thing is 22 seconds and this isn't even half of my short. I'm going to have to cut everything between Twitch's scare attempt and Taylor waking up. That really sucks, since I seriously liked Twitch's thought process and how he decides to turn on the light to wake Taylor up. I think that's a much better choice than poking Taylor in the face. I've also decided that Twitch sucks at scaring because he's shy. So turning on the light was a non-confrontational way of waking the boy up. I'll just have to some more ways to show Twitch's nature as the short progresses.

Story Reel w.i.p

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