Monday, October 09, 2006

The Little Mermaid

I just finished watching all of the backstage Disney features on the new Little Mermaid DVD...It was OUTSTANDING. I have SO much respect for all of the guys at Disney, not just the animators. I felt compelled to watch the entire thing with my head bowed reverently. LOL, since my mother was here I just did all of that in my mind. Seriously though, everyone at Disney did an amazing job on the Little Mermaid and all of the rest of the Golden Age films. It really pains me to see Disney struggling nowadays when they did so well back then. I mean, Disney was the reason I got into animation in the first place. It was and still is my dream to work there. A few months ago I imagined myself being accepted into Disney and Pixar and having to choose which one I should go to. Even though that was a make believe situation, it was still an extremely tough decision to have to make. Sure Pixar's making films with better stories and such, but Disney is the reason why I'm even trying to get into this field. I'd honestly like to work at both studios during my life, and hopefully I wont have to choose between one or the other.

Anyway, they talked about how The Little Mermaid brought life back to Disney and started the Golden Age. I think today's Disney is back in a "ditch" like they were when they did the Black Cauldron. Hopefully a new story will come along soon and revitalize the studio like the Little Mermaid did back in the 80's.


Cory and Tashina said...

Glad you enjoyed it too!!! Told you it was goooood. What did you think of the lil match girl

Jocelyn Cofer said...

Lol, yeah it was quite good. ^-^ The Little Match Girl was good too. I'm surprised that Disney created a short with a sad ending. I'm glad they did though since that should open new doors as far as story content goes.