Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Change of Plans

Hey guys. It seems like I wont be doing my monster short. My peers like my "show dog" idea much better than the monster one. They say it's much funnier and they're right. Though, I wasn't trying to make the monster one funny. Anyway, our AM short guidelines mention that funny shorts are much more likely to be passed around at studios and online so that's always a good thing. In a way I'm kind of glad. I'm behind on the monster character/rig since I don't know what I'm doing. Plus I have an animation exercise that I've been wanting to do for weeks now but couldn't because of that character. It'll to my benefit to do the exercise rather than continuing to waste my time on things I'm not even trying to get a job doing.

As far as my short goes, I have to work on how I'll sell the idea that the characters are at a dog show without showing a bunch of contestants. I'll also get started on some rough storyboard panels to help me with this week's pitch.

In other news, I just finished watching Over the Hedge and it has quickly become one of my favorite Dreamworks movies. The animation is fantastic as usual and the characters are very appealing. I really love talking animal movies and hope to work on a bunch of them in the future. In fact, watching Over the Hedge has made me want to work at Dreamworks even more!

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Reel Fanatic said...

I'd have to say Over the Hedge was my favorite animated movie of this summer .. Along with looking fantastic, it just had a manic spirit to it that hooked me from the start