Thursday, January 11, 2007

New Stuff

Hey guys. Since its time for me to move on to 3d blocking I figured I might as well post the 2d version now...

2d Blocking

A huge thank you goes out to my classmates Freddy Burgos and Danny Southard for telling me about the AAC compressor for my soundtrack. It's taken my file from 17mb to 3mb!

I really want to redo Taylor's animation in shot nine and sixteen. It's very rough and I know it can be much better/simpler. I may not get to that for a little while now that class has started. I'll probably have to wait and fix them when I get to the third that they belong in since I have to start the 3d blocking as well. The huge pause between shot 13 and 14 is where a fade out and a fade in will be. I don't know how to add them in premiere and I don't have aftereffects. I normally add them in Windows Movie Maker, but that program has been acting up lately. I didn't want to lose time fiddling with fades so I just left them out for now.

Some shots are rougher than others. Ideally I would have all of the shots broken down to the same level of blocking before moving on to the 3d part. I'd like to spend the first few days of the week adjusting/breaking down the 2d blocking and then the rest of the week creating its 3d counterpart. I figure that will force me to really think about every frame and will push me to break the rig's more to get that "2d feel". We'll see how that goes.

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