Sunday, January 21, 2007


Does anyone know if Dreamworks/PDI actually offers an animation internship?????? I just finished sending personal messages to all of the AM mentors who work there asking about them. Last year I wanted to apply for an internship at Dreamworks but wasn't able to find any information on them. I spoke to a few animators who worked there and asked about it on the AM forum. It seemed like the general answer was no, so i didn't send anything in. Last week I was talking to Jason Schleifer and mentioned the fact that I wanted to intern at Dreamworks. He told me that they finished an internship session not too long ago. Does this mean that Dreamworks now offers animation internships? I checked the website and found the same information about their Outreach program, but still nothing on how to apply....

I'm working as hard as possible to make my short good enough to get me an internship at one of the major feature studios this coming summer. Dreamworks is definitely on my list of places to get into, I just wish I knew whether or not they have an animation program and how to apply for it.


jason said...

heya jocelyn!

you're right.. it's outreach, not internship (at least, not in the anim dept ) :(

but it never hurts to keep trying!! :)

Jocelyn Cofer said...

Thanks Jason! I'm definitely going to apply for the outreach program! I sent messages to a few animators at Dreamworks yesterday. They referred me to the human resources lady who's in charge of the program and told me to contact her. Neither of them gave me her email address though, lol. I've responded to their messages asking for a way to contact her. I checked the company site and I didn't find anything on there about her.