Friday, January 12, 2007

First Day of Issues

I spent all day working on the 3d blocking for the first 3rd of my short. I finished converting all of Taylor's poses and spent the evening/night working on Twitch. I didn't have any problems getting Taylor to match the poses in my drawings, Twitch on the other hand is another story. After spending way too many hours on the same shot (and I'm still not happy with it), I think I can effectively say that I really dislike my 3d version of Twitch. I should have made the model much skinner. That way it would be easier to get the nice "c" curves that his 2d version has in his spine. The current model is giving me lots of grief and refuses to make c curves that aren't broken in some way, shape or form.

I really wish I had more time and more resources. if I did I'd remodel Twitch with a skinner body and with a thinner tail. That way there wouldn't be nearly as many weighting and flexibility issues, since most of the problems are coming from his fat hip area. I also wanted to have fat arms that taper towards his hands, like the 2d version does. I tried it and failed there too. The arms now twist badly if they're rotated a certain way. His legs also break rather than simply straightening out if his feet are moved too far forward/back. I really love the "bent leg" design that Twitch's 2d version has. I saw the characters in Over the Hedge had successfully translated that design factor into 3d so I figured it would be possible for my character to have the same thing. Apparently I was wrong. I should have given him the usual skinny, straight 3d legs that a lot of characters used to have.

This really sucks since the proxy version of Twitch doesn't have these problems. Because of that and because my rigger knows what he's doing, I think all of these issues lie in the model. Plus the fact that I modeled him makes my reasoning even more logical. I'm really wishing that I could have done my short in 2d right about now.

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