Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Here's a render of the first frame in my new AM assignment. My mentor said the Playing with Matches clip is better than the Crazy World one because its shorter and has a larger emotional change. Thats fine with me, because I had fun making video ref for that clip. I'm thinking of pulling the camera in closer to Bishop. I didn't really want to see his legs in this shot. What do you guys think?

It'll be cool if I somehow learn how to use dynamics well enough light the match on fire and keep it burning successfully throughout the animation. That would be tight! Sadly, I'm pretty sure I wont be able to do that, and the animation is more important anyway. I'll probably end up just making the head of the match glow to show that it's been lit, lol.

In case you're wondering why Bishop's expression is so bland, it's because we are allowed to use any facial controls. Next quarter we'll animate his face fully. I think thats cool since it forces us to think about body language. :D

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anthea said...

hey jocelyn, you could try using a point light parented to the match tip, and just animate the colors of the light, that would be a fast way of getting a fire glow.