Monday, May 03, 2010

Rabbit Update 2.0

Hey guys,
Here's an update on what I accomplished last week/weekend. It has the feeling that I want but now there's way too much overlap on the torso and head. I also need to fix Rabbit's tail and arm since I just traced them from the previous version. Both things are easy fixes though and I'll leave them off of my next interation until the torso and head are where I want them to be. Its really great to be able to rework this test over and over until its right! This is the first time that I've been truly able to do that and I'm learning a lot. In 3d, I tend to make things too big to make sure I've got everything working and then I tone things down by scaling the curves. So far, its much easier to work this way in 3d than in 2d since "scaling the curves" equals redrawing everything again.

I'm learning a lot about workflow, things to do and not do, how much information to include vs how much is too much etc. I showed this to my mentor and he also told me how I can tone down the torso and head without losing the spacing I had established. Its awesome, because I would have kept redrawing it over and over hoping it was right rather than using a systematic method like his. Its also unbelievably amazing to finally be at Disney and to have one of their fantastic animators draw over my drawings, its seriously a dream come true! I really hope to be able to work on one of the studios 2d projects in the future.


Adam Knight said...

Nice work on that shoulder movement and you can really feel how tired the rabbit is.

GhettoFab said...

you rock so much!