Monday, May 24, 2010

Catching Up

It seems I forgot to post my gesture drawings from yesterday. I finally worked up the courage to go to a Starbucks to draw people. I've always been afraid of getting caught drawing someone and having an awkward situation. Thankfully that didn't happen at all. I just avoided eye contact with people and glanced at them with my peripheral vision if they were looking in my direction. I found it to be a very interesting experience and saw all kinds of people. I wish I could draw faster so I could have gotten a better image of what my subjects looked like.


I did some gesture drawing today as well. I went to Issuing a bit early and drew the animation supe's and our two directors. Once again, it will be nice once I'm able to draw fast enough to actually capture their likeness as well as their pose lol. The guy in color is a character I'm fleshing out for OC improv sessions with one of my friend's from school. I'd never done OC before and tried it with her last night. It was super fun and a great exercise for drawing quickly and acting in character. His name is LaQuandae "Dae Dae" Ray and is meant to be used with her character, Cookie (the one on the far left).

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