Friday, May 21, 2010

Back Online

Sorry about the lack of updates! My cat, Jubilee clothes lined herself with my internet cord on Monday night which caused the cord to rip from the plastic end in the wall. I've been internet-less at home since then. That didn't really matter though since this turned out to be an overtime week and I didn't leave work until after 10 each day. As the result, I don't have any drawings between Monday and today since I went to bed when I got home all of the other days. Today was normal hours though, so I was able to go to the store to buy a new cord. Here are the drawings a I did on Monday after I lost my internet and the drawings I did tonight.


I've found that my drawings of human faces always turn out weird and wonky if I start from any place other than the eyes...

I dont know what happened with the face in the middle. It's quite hideous, lol. The other two are examples of how much better my human faces look if I start with the eyes. I'm not sure why that's the case.

I was able to shot Glen the drawings I'd done so far. I told him the blind contours are from life but the others were drawn from photos. He updated my assignment and now I'm only to draw directly from life. I guess that means my plans of drawing animals from my Planet Earth dvds is no longer relevant. I wonder if drawing sculptures in a museum counts. I dont feel like my drawings are good enough yet to try to quicky capture moving people without inadvertantly reverting to my previous ways of drawings.

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