Thursday, August 06, 2009

Success at Siggraph

Hey everyone,

Siggraph's been a blast so far! I'm really glad that I decided to come. So far I've had my reel reviewed by two people from Disney, recruiters from Sony, and critiqued by the amazing Bobby Beck and Shawn Kelly! Bobby and Shawn gave students and alumni feedback on their reels during the AM Birds of a Feather meeting. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough time to get to everyone during the meeting but Bobby and Shawn were nice enough to review the leftover reels out in a quiet hallway. I'm very grateful to them taking the time to review everyone's reel since mine was one of the ones that wasn't seen during the meeting. Surprisingly, they didn't have a long list of things for me to change. They both really enjoyed my reel which means a ton to me. It was truly an honor to have them give me feedback.

My reel was also received very positively by Disney and Sony as well. I'm hoping to hear back from both studios within the next few weeks. Hopefully I'll hear back from ReelFx soon as well. I had a great interview with them last month and I'm not sure what's happened...

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