Monday, August 24, 2009

Another Commission

Hey guys,

I'm really enjoying being able to draw something everyday. Doing commissions has been keeping me pleasantly busy. Today's commission was to design a steam-punk hyena character with two costume vairations. I drew a quick hyena sketch in preparation using this photo as reference. I'd say this character has been the most difficult one I've ever had to draw since I've struggled with drawing clothes for years. Once I get some extra cash I'm going to get a book on drawing clothes/folds and I'll do some studies to remedy that. I really cant wait to get to Disney and participate in their daily life drawing sessions!

While doing research on steam-punk related props and clothing, I stumbled across this awesome website called Crabfu SteamWorks. It features functioning steam-punk robots built by a guy who also happens to be an animator and a concept artist. How cool is that???? I'd love to build a robot of my own if I had the knowledge and resources for it.

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