Friday, August 07, 2009

Can't Wait

Man, Siggraph has made me even more excited about getting started in this industry! I can't wait until I can be a part of some of the amazing productions coming up! I'd be happy to have a chance to animate the tiniest background character(s) and shortest shots in the film, just as long as I'm there and a part of the process. I seriously cant wait!

I finally found my sketchbook from my last quarter at SCAD and can now return to working on my drunk Norman scene. I've been in contact with Prof. Webber this entire time and he's really encouraging me to return to that scene as well. Now that I have all of my notes, I plan on putting it back in production tomorrow as soon as I finish my commission from Deviantart. I'll also be keeping my eyes and ears open for a phone call or an email from Disney, Sony, and Reelfx. My summer of animation unemployment may be coming to an end soon and I can't wait! =D

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