Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This Afternoon...

I'll be sending reels to Disney, Pixar, Blue Sky and Sony. I sent my reel to Dreamworks for their Outreach program last month so there's no need to send them another one until the spring. I added a note on my resume stating when I'll be available for work. I also emailed one of my friends/contacts at Disney to find out when they'll be looking for animators for Rapunzel. Pixar and Sony's websites say they're both looking for animators but there isnt any starting information. I'm guessing they're looking for people now, and am not really expecting to hear back from them as the result. Blue Sky however, is looking for temp animators to start in July. So far they look the most promissing since I know I'll be available when they'll need people. I'm prefer California over New York (it's too cold) but Blue Sky is still high on my list of dream studios. =D

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