Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cat Flap Update

Hey guys,

Here's another Cat Flap update. I'm a bit behind schedule thanks to a number of things (getting a new id sticker, running around trying to find my Mythology textbook and some drafting tape, inbetweens not working, not knowing how to use the batch scanner, etc.) but I've learned a good number of things from working on scene 01.

I learned not to try to make large changes to what's already there, nailing your timing charts before trying to inbetween (lol), keeping rough inbetweens rough despite the tiedown keys around them. I've also noticed that my characters tend to have small noses, which makes tracking them and maintaining their volumes quite difficult. Unfortunately, I think it's too late to try to adjust Priscilla's design. The main thing I've learned (though I still have trouble with it) is letting some things go. I dont have time to tweak the heck out of everything so I need to accept some things the way they are. As the result, I dont think any of the scenes in my film will end up being demo reel worthy since I wont have time to polish them. Once the film's finished, I might actually like it though, and may tack it onto the end of my reel just because.

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