Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cat Flap Update

Hey guys,

Here's an update on Cat Flap. I don't like how dark the lines became once leveled in Photoshop in scene 01. I'll have to go over my tie downs with a black pencil before I scan the final frames to help reduce that. I also really need to come up with a nice title card and a background for my credits. I'd like to paint a picture for both but right now all I have time for is working on finishing the animation so it can be sent off to color.

I'm currently working on tie downs and inbetweens for scene 03, so please excuse the sudden jump to blocking towards the end. I've already made a nice list of things to fix in the animation before approving it as final.


Nacho said...

It's nice to see some of your animation (2d) fully colored.

Ty Carter said...

Ha! This is looking great! How have you been?