Monday, July 10, 2006


I just watched my e-critique for last week's AM assignment...It was fantastic! I had heard of mentors giving students really long crits, but I hadn't had the opportunity to have one of those mentors yet. To my surprise it seems like my current mentor is one of the "long critique givers", LOL. My first crit from him was 20:03 min long and every second of it was golden! He answered my question about jaw arcs and then went through my shot and drew pictures letting me know where and how I could include them. He also went over how I could push my facial animation by adding more asymmetry and upping the intensity of some of the poses. After that, he gave me a critique on the body animation, even though the assignment just called for a facial critique! I am so glad to have Ethan as my mentor and feel privileged to have one of the famous "long critique" mentors!

By the way, I will be uploading my facial blocking so you guys can see what I turned in yesterday. You can expect to see that shortly.

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