Sunday, January 08, 2006

Class 2 Session 1

Hey everyone! It's official, class two has begun! I've watched my video assignment and lecture and am ready to work. This week's lecture showed us how a shot is done from start to finish. It was GREAT to see the way a professional animator uses his reference and picks out the key poses. I finally feel like I can use video reference correctly and I have a much better idea on what to look for when picking key poses.

This time we are able to pick our own assignments to a certain extent. We've been presented with a list of three possible exercises and they've been given a technical difficulty rating. Of course, I want to do the most difficult assignment, LOL. This weeks hardest exercise is a 180 degree turn with Ballie. Already I'm feeling challenged by it and I haven't even started yet. I'm trying to think of an interesting way for Ballie to turn around and I'm not coming up with anything. I'll have to get in front of my digital camera and make a bunch of test videos. I'll also ask my roommate to help me by doing some 180's herself to use as ref.

Speaking of which, she just got off the phone, so I'm off to shoot some ref. I'll make another post later!

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