Saturday, February 21, 2009

Prep Work

Hey guys,

I did some prep work for the painting I'll be creating for my world mythology project. It will be illustrating the Celtic goddess Cerridwen as a "white sow that eats the dead". That was part of her description in our textbook and I figured that would be interesting to try to depict, especially with my limited painting knowledge/skill/experience.

To prepare, I did a few sketches of some pigs and a painting test. For the latter I used tried the technique covered in this tutorial: Color Dynamics Tutorial. Granted, my sphere doesn't look anything like the final product of her tutorial. I did a blending pass over her technique and am pretty happy with the results (except for the reflected light). I've never blended "properly" before, as previously my blending was done with the smudge tool. This was a fun little test and I feel like I learned a bit from it.

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