Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Interview Time

It's interview time! Today I have an interview with recruiters from Rhythm & Hues for their apprenticeship program. Wish me luck! =D


David Martinez said...

Good luck Jocelyn!!

I'm sure that it's gonna be great!

Jocelyn Cofer said...

Thanks David! =D

Levi Ames said...

hey Jocelyn!

I've been following your blog since last year. I actually asked a question about Disney applications. I applied eventually and got rejected from the training program recently. Knowing that you got into the summer internship, what exactly did you send to them? You obviously sent your demo reel with some 2D and animation mentor stuff. (GREAT stuff by the way) (Also I'm in animation mentor myself Term 2) Did you send any life drawing, character designs, a drawing portfolio? When they called to say you were accepted did they say what they liked in your demo? What was it that said yes she will be good for this program? Lemme know. I am reworking everything I have done. Starting from scratch. I just figured i should ask people who have had some experience with the big boys. That way i have better direction when I reapply to anything.

Pochat said...

Jocelyn, you'll kick butt at R&H!