Monday, April 23, 2007

First "Art of" Book!

Hey guys. I just received my first Art of book! I ordered The Art of The Lion King for my survey of animation term paper as well as The Art of Finding Nemo. I just got The Lion King book today and I kneel in awe and reverence to all of the fantastic artists who have filled the books pages with their work. Looking at the rough and cleaned up animation drawings is extremely inspiring. I seriously can't wait until I become good enough to work at Disney. I know the studio's been having a lot of hard times lately but I don't care, I want to work there anyway, lol. Even if its just a for project hire, I will do everything humanly possible to learn as much as I can form all of the Disney legends who are still there. If I'm very lucky, that opportunity might be coming along very soon. Lol despite what people tell me, I rush to check my email everyday in anticipation of receiving an email from Disney with the results of their internship reel review. I'm hoping and praying that I will be one of the lucky students who will receive the coveted letter of acceptance into the program. :D I've got my fingers crossed!

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