Thursday, April 26, 2007

And The Answer Is...

I just spoke with human resources at DreamWorks to find out when students would be notified about the results of their outreach program. I was told the results have gone out already. Seeing as how I didn't receive anything I obviously wasn't accepted. HR was really nice about it. She kept apologizing for not having anything to offer me at the moment. Lol, she seemed more upset about it than I was. It's really nice of her to be so kind though. Then again that may be the typical response for studios when a candidate isn't accepted. Either way I think it was really nice.

I'm not really upset about not getting in yet. I have three more studios to hear from so I still have hope. One thing's certain though, DreamWorks will hear from me again next year. :D In the meantime I will simply have to work harder. Recently I've been allowing myself to have a couple hours of fun every night by playing FFXII from 10-12pm before going to bed. I'm going to have to cut that out, go to bed at 10 and wake up at 7 so I can get more work done.

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