Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Anim II Thumbs

Hey guys, here are the thumbnails/notes that I did for my new Animation II assignment. We're supposed to do a run but I felt really bad about not including any acting in my last piece. As the result, I've changed my assignment from a run by itself to an acting shot with a run in it. I could always use more acting assignments! Plus our teacher wants it to be a personality run and I think this shot will have much more personality in it than my walk.

Originally I was going to do a funny shot about a guy who's trying to run a race. I abandoned that idea since it wouldn't be much of a race without competitors, even though the scene would focus on one character. I also couldn't think of how to do it without having at least one camera cut or some camera moves. I think my new idea is much simpler since it doesn't require camera animation and it's only two characters.

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