Sunday, December 03, 2006

It's Coming Together

Hey guys,

I haven't posted any real content in a whole, so here's look at the layout for my short. Now that I've gotten everything in 3d, this week will be spent making the changes that my mentor has been suggesting. So far he hasn't said anything about major changes. I have come up with one though. I'm going to redo the mirror shot because of the fact that having Taylor pull at Twitch's mouth has a whole lot of potential problems. That shot would be much easier in 2d. I'm also not sure if Twitch's facial setup (it's not ready yet) would even allow for that much deformation. I've decided that it would be more fun for Taylor to make faces with Twitch. I remembered that he is a seven year old boy after all. What seven year old boy wouldn't want to make weird faces, lol? Anyway, I think that will make the shot much simpler and clearer. Other than that most of the changes I'll be making mainly consist of adjusting the position of the characters in the frame. Here's what I have so far:

Full Layout

Oh, the short still has music and sound effects. I just didn't include them since they have a huge affect on the file size.

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