Sunday, December 10, 2006

Over Already

Class 5 is over already! I can't believe it, the time has really sped by! Hopefully things wont go so quickly during class 6, lol. I may not be able to finish animating my short if they do. Since this is the last week of class 5 it's only right for me to show you guys my final layout. Twitch's body rig was completed earlier today so I'll have to go in and make sure I'm not messing up his geometry with my poses. After that, it's on to animation! I'll need to shoot some video reference to help me with Taylor getting off of his bed and a few other areas. I've already found reference and thumbnailed some of the shots. Hopefully I'll be able to do that for the whole short in a couple of weeks. I really enjoy using the grease pencil script and would like to block in my animation with that before touching the 3d characters. It's much faster than posing them out and it allows me to adjust my timing quickly. Plus it'll be great to do some 2d work, despite the fact that it wont be seen in the final. Ok, here's my layout:

Final Layout

If someone could tell me how to properly compress sound files I would really appreciate it. The soundtrack has added an additional 11MBs to the video file...

Here's a page of sketches that I did why waiting for my video to finish exporting. I experimented with creating dragons with a large lower jaw. I really like how they turned out and will have to use that technique again. I've always had problem with drawing mean looking characters since my drawings always tend to be cute. You can see how the large jaw seems to have helped with that if you look at the characters at the bottom. My favorite ones are the dragon in the middle and the one to his upper left. The dragon at the top is one of my typical white furry dragons. They're distinguished by the slip of their snouts, their dreadlocks and their longer fur. I included him so I could compare him to the dragon in the middle. I believe I'll use the large jaw as a distinguishing feature of my traditional dragons.

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