Friday, June 09, 2006

It's Coming Along

Here's a small update on my shot. It's abut to storm so I figured I should post something in case the power goes off.


The timing needs to be readjusted for the end. So far it looks like I'll need to get rid of the last pose and keep him close to the bear. The remnants of the head shake from the blocking phase are still there, but they aren't looking too good. I might end up having to remove them.

1 comment:

anthea said...

hey jocelyn, from 72-83 you should watch the arc the match throwing hand is making, right now the action sort of hitches up, i think this would look better as one continous movement. i think it could probably happen in half the amount of frames. just make sure that arc is smooth. i think the over the shoulder thing is getting lost and it is unessecary to have his hand come towards cam then back to his shoulder then back towards cam, this might work just as well if he tosses the matches out of screen left, and this would definitely give you a cleaner arc.