Thursday, June 08, 2006

Going to the Movies

od.comHey guys, I don't think I talked about Over the Hedge as much as I should have. That movie was FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be seeing it again in exactly two hours from now, LOL. The animation was the best I've seen so far. The characters were very appealing and the story was cute. Vincent the bear was amazing! I wish I had a clip from the film with him in it. I have one with every character but him! >_< Refining

I didn't include the end because I adjusted the main timing. The end is probably a mess because of that so I left it out for now. I think the main problem I was having was getting used to a new sense of timing. I normally use pretty much the same sense of timing(lots of hang time, ease out, fast change, lots of hang time and so on) to produce snappy stuff. I wanted to try to get out of that habit for this shot. I didn't want the shot to be snappy because that would make Bishop seem too happy and up-beat. I wanted to keep his movements small, deliberate and kinda minimal to show that he is in control. Towards the end that will change and will have a large snappy movement to get to his last two poses. I will have him move more then since he's excited and loosing some of that control. Anyway, I think I was having a hard time adjusting and getting used to not making snappy stuff. I believe I'm over it now since the shot seems to be coming along.

Of course, if any of you guys have a crit I'd be more than happy to hear it! I'm off for now, gotta get ready to see OTH again. :D Bye!

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