Monday, April 03, 2006


I still exist! I haven't posted anything because I don't have anything to post. I've been working on my life drawing project and haven't don't anything for AM yet. Sadly my life drawing project is over 18"x24" and way too large for my scanner. When its done I'll look for a way to get it onto the computer. I expect to start on my new AM assignment after I finish this entry. I'm very excited about the new quarter. I've got a dreamworks mentor this time, which is cool. He's worked on Spirit, Prince of Egypt, Sinbad, and The Road to El Dorado as well as the studios 3d features. I'm even more excited since I can talk to him about 2d as well as 3d.

I really want to do my assignments for this quarter in 2d. Drawing all last quarter for my SCAD assignments reminded me that I actually enjoy drawing rather than sitting at a computer. I also want to use some made up characters instead of Stewie. My only concern is my lack of speed when it comes to drawing. I've gotten faster, but I don't know if I'm fast enough. I wont improve if I don't practice though. We don't start animating for a week or two so I have till then to decide. I just got my Lion King dvd in the mail today and that really pushed me towards 2d. We'll see how things turn out.

In SCAD news, I've decided to take Life Drawing II instead of Animation II this quarter. It was very hard to do SCAD animation and AM at the same time. I don't feel like I did as good as I could have if I hadn't done them at the same time. Not to worry though, I'll be in Animation II when I return to SCAD next spring. In the mean time, I have the sudden desire to draw people. Last quarter my animation teacher stressed the importance of life drawing, so I guess that's where this urge came from. I've purchased two of Glenn Vilppu's books already and eagerly await his workshops on Friday. Once I have some decent drawings (on paper that'll fit in my scanner) I'll post some here.

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