Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Disney College

Disney College is finally offering an internship in feature animation! I'm definitely going to apply, even though its highly unlikely that I'll get in. There are plenty of crappy animators who will apply and they'll be easy to beat. But in the mix there are quite a few good ones who are sure to beat my tiny reel to a pulp. That's an extremely depressing thought which is made worse because its true. After sulking for a while, I decided what had to be done. The animation that I'm working on now is the only acting piece I have to put on my reel. Since I'm applying to a feature studio it will have to be outstanding. Simple as that. This single pantomime shot must be good enough to allow me to compete with the seniors and grad students that will be applying for the program. In addition to that, it must be finished early so I can go back and tweak everything else that will be on my reel. I've been watching that Disney College website for too long (this is the first time since I was in the 10th grade that they've offered an internship in feature animation) to simply let this opportunity pass by. I will work and rework my pantomime shot until it becomes feature quality worthy of Disney's attention! >:O

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anthea said...

hi jocelyn, congrats on deciding to apply, good luck!! i was wondering if you can send me a link to this website you mentioned, I can't seem to find it. thanks.