Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Painting Update

Hey guys,
Here's another small update on my painting. I really want to hurry up and finish it because I can feel my interest in it draining away. Once this is done I'd love to start a 2d test. I've been watching some of the pencil tests on the Pencil Test Depot and am feeling really inspired by them. I'm not sure when I'll be able to do it though. Now that I have a new assignment, my weekends will be spent working at the studio. I'm really enjoying my assignment so far and am looking forward to spending more time on it.


Jeremy Graham said...

Hey Jocelyn, quick question. If all of the current TD folk are staying for the next 3 months, does that mean that no new artists can get in? Just wondering, because they seem to have closed the next TD period without looking at my portfolio site.

Thanks, and good luck,


Jocelyn Cofer said...

Hey Jeremy,
The next batch of incoming TDs aren't affected by how long we stay. We will be spending our second 3 months doing production work as members of the Rapunzel animation team and wont be in the training area anymore.

I haven't really been following the progress of the next batch of TDs. I just know they're all on the 2d side and there were a lot of really strong portfolio submissions. If the website says its closed they've probably already made their decisions. How do you know they haven't looked at your work?

Jeremy Graham said...

Oh, well, I closely monitor who visits my site with sitemeter. I submitted my site's url as my portfolio, since that's what they said they prefer when I was at SIGGRAPH.

Well darn, I'm just not having any luck anywhere.