Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fleshing Things Out...

Here's today's update. I'm not very happy with the steps after he jumps out from behind the tree. There's something odd about his weight. Right now, there's a large spacing gap between the stretch contact and the down position. I'm hoping that posing out the inbetween will make his weight feel better. I'm also not too sure about the contact pose for the screen left foot. I've been having some trouble with getting him to swing his giant feet forward without them going through the ground. I've been using Crash and Eddie from Ice Age as reference since they have long feet with short legs as well. The motion blur had been getting in the way though, lol.

My goal is to pretty much have the blocking finished by the end of tomorrow. I'll post it in the AM forum for feedback before moving on to the refining stage. If anyone has any comments on this so far, please let me know!

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