Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Updated Reel

Hey everyone,

Here's my current demo reel. I'll be sending this to the head of outreach tomorrow. Today's interview went very well. I told her I finished a new shot the other day and asked if I should send her an updated reel. She liked the sound of that and will be expecting the reel on Friday. Hopefully the Dreamworks heads of character animation will like my work as much as she did. I've been told they're a tough crowd so I'll really need all the luck I can get!


Anonymous said...
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Ty Carter said...

J Kat! This looks AMAZING! I bet they love you at Dreamworks. I just showed you're demo reel to my co-workers here at the CTL studio in Provo, UT (its a small studio that produces programs for professors here on BYU campus). They loved your cat film. Its got so much character! I hope all goes well with your submissions! Let me know what's going on.

Oh, I posted some of the work i've done this year on my blog. Dreamgiver is the film I'm directing/writing. Check it out when you have a second.


Ty Carter said...

It's going great Jocelyn! Thanks for checking out some of my Dreamgiver work and the kind comments. It's for school, I'm writing/directing it as a BYU short film.

That would be so fun to work on How to Train Your Dragon!!!! They're totally going to want you! That outreach program is really nice from what I've heard too. And their studio is apparently the nicest place ever!