Sunday, April 12, 2009


Hey guys,

I'm seriously considering starting over on my Norman shot. I got some outstanding feedback from one of my AM classmates about animating subtlety that's pointed me in a whole new direction. Things are starting to make sense and those that still don't feel closer none the less. I feel lost and confused but I know its a good thing. Glen Keane said to treasure moments like this because it means you're about to learn something. I had this same feeling when I was working on the original version of my Piglet shot. I decided to start over, struggled with a new concept/technique, and then my new version of the shot turned out 200 times better than the original. I think I've reached that point again now. Unfortunately I can't sit and ponder what's been said because I have to work on stuff for portfolio class. There will definately be a lot of thinking and searching for reference once I'm done though.

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