Tuesday, April 29, 2008

First of the Batch

Hey guys,

I received the first rejection letter of this year's internship time. Not surprisingly it came from Pixar. My reel needs a major revamp. I don't really have any acting on there. I'm trying to put some subtle acting in my senior project, but I'm still unsure of my 2d skills.

The two remaining studios are Disney and Sony. I high doubt I'll hear back from Disney. I think they're still having issues with whatever's going on there. I dont know about Sony, I applied to them last year and never got a response either.

Next year I'll be able to widen my search since I'll be finished with school in March. I'll be adding Tippet, ILM, July Films, Dreamworks, Rhythm&Hues, and Blizzard to my list. Hopefully I'll hear something positive back from one of them or Pixar, Disney, and/or Sony.

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Rocky said...

Hey Jocelyn,

One of my character rigs is broken and I am waiting on a guy to fix it, so, as I normally do in these cases, I am scouring the internet for fun animation stuff. I happened to stumble across your site and your blog. I am a character animator at Blur Studios in Venice Beach and I just wanted to tell you to NOT GET DISCOURAGED!!! You stuff is really really awesome! Your work has a lot of charm to it, and your 2D stuff is really nice. So keep at it! I am sure you are going to have a very successful career in animation!