Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Does anyone know what's going on at Disney? A couple of fellow AM alumni and I were told we would hear back from them about the talent development program after the holidays, and we haven't heard anything since then. We were told the program was supposed to start in January. I'm getting worried since January's almost over and there hasn't been any word from the studio, not even a rejection letter.

I heard back from Sony though. Everything sounds good and I might have a chance to get some awesome industry exp in the not too distant future. That's another reason why I'm concerned about Disney. I need to know whether or not I was accepted into their program so I'll know what to do in a few months.


Anonymous said...

I haven't heard anything from Disney
either. I was also told that they would be getting back to me after holiday.

Your works are looking awesome, I think you will be no problem getting into Disney. Good luck!


Jocelyn Cofer said...

Thanks for the info and the compliment Haokun! I've been rejected from Disney three times already, so we'll see how things go, lol.