Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Gary Goldman

Hey guys,

I'm about to go to my Gary Goldman classes for the second time this week and I am really excited. Monday's class was amazing and we didn't even do anything, lol. In the advanced 2d animation class we'll be animating different shots from Banjo the Woodpile Cat! I think we'll be given our shot assignment(s) today along with the original model sheets to use as reference. From looking at the syllabus it seems like we'll be working on our one shot for the entire 10 week period. That's really awesome since I've always wanted a chance to animate a shot in 2d from thumbnails to a completely finished/cleaned up shot.

I also feel a little better about my speed since Goldman said is usually takes 30-45 min to draw a character on model at Disney. My other Goldman class is 2d Animation Production, which focuses on teaching us all about how studios work and everything that goes into making a feature film. He gave us a list of 57 steps that studios go through for creating a film. I had a general idea of how the production pipeline works thanks to the guys at AnimationMentor, but I had no idea there were that many steps involved in the process. Plus I've never had anyone to talk to about how a 2d studio works until now.

I am extremely excited about both of the Goldman classes and can't wait to get started on his assignments. I've read blogs from CalArts students talking about how amazing it is to have masters like Glen Keane and James Baxter looking over their work and drawing over their keys, and now I can finally experience that for myself. I seriously can't wait! Goldman told us teaching animation is really an over the shoulder process and I completely agree with him. There's nothing like having a master animator go over your work in real time. I've imagined that's how it was back in the early days at Disney and based on what Goldman said it sounds like I was right.

He talked about how he had worked under Eric Larson and Ollie Johnston. He spoke about Milt Khal's confidence and extreme level of draftsmanship and skill as an animator. Man, I can only dream of working under animators as great as they were and having them actually sit down with me and help me with a shot. Simply looking over their shoulder as they animate would provide a goldmine of knowledge.

I hate to end this chat abruptly but it's time for me to head over to room 321 so I can bask in the glory that is Gary Goldman. =D

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