Monday, May 07, 2007

Two Down, Two To Go

I just got an email from Disney about the results of their animation internship. Once again I wasn't chosen to be a part of the program. I'm not surprised though. One of my friends at PDI was exceedingly kind and showed my reel to his peers and animation supervisors. They told me to work on adding details and subtlety to my work. They also requested more acting shots. I wish I hadn't been thrown off schedule during the original class 6 at AM. If I hadn't I would have had plenty of acting shots from my short in put on my reel. Now it seems like I might have to struggle to finish the whole thing by Siggraph thanks to this terms addition of SCAD work.

Anyway, I'll reapply next year. I'll have more acting shots by then and I am working on adding those details to my shots now. Maybe I'll have better luck then. Part of this process is amusing though. I'm keeping track of how many rejection letters I will receive from each feature studio before getting hired at one of them. Lol, they'll end up having a record of my work and how I've improved every year.

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