Monday, May 28, 2007

More 2d

I'm in the process of polishing my 3d shot for my Animation II final and animating my 2d shot for my Studies in Motion final. I'm really glad to get back to 2d, but I'm also very unhappy with my assignment. I'm doing the animation in Mirage and it's a constant reminder of how much I dislike doing 2d animation in the computer. Having instant playback is a huge advantage but I just cant draw nearly as well with a tablet as I can with a pencil and paper. I really wish I had an animation disk so I could practice traditional animation at home. There's an animation light box at SCAD's school store that comes with a peg bar and a turnable plastic disc for $349.99. I wish I could buy it but I've been advised to save my money for any trouble I may run into once I arrive in Cali on Monday. That was good advice but I still regret not buying the disc.

I have 2d character animation next term at SCAD. Hopefully the disc will still be in stock. Speaking of 2d character, I am highly upset with SCAD. The original 2d character animation professor Phil Young, is leaving this term. He was the only Disney guy at SCAD and I never got a chance to take a class with him. I was so excited about finally being able to learn from him and now he's gone. To make things worse, I've been reading the blogs of a few CalArts students. They have a bunch of posts about Mark Henn and Glene Keanne lectures and how amazing they are. They also talk about how much their teachers help them by going over their work drawing by drawing. I wish there were teachers like that here. I don't think Glene Keanne has ever even been to SCAD, let alone lecture. I feel like I'm missing out on so much valuable information and its extremely frustrating. I really want to get better with 2d animation but I don't have anyone to help me.

I find myself wishing I had ignored my mother and gone to CalArts anyway. They have access to the best animators in the world and get to pick their brains on multiple occasions. SCAD doesn't have anything like that at all and I feel like I'm being cheated. Sure people say "well, you took AnimationMentor!" and I agree. AM is a fantastic program, and I owe everything I know to those guys. They've helped me improve my knowledge of animation and the 3d medium by leaps and bounds. I am extremely grateful for having the chance to learn from all of the excellent animators in the program. I still want to be able to animate in 2d though. AM has a few 2d animators but I need someone to physically be here to help me with that. I need someone who can draw over my drawings and show me in real time how to do things. I wish there was a way to transfer to CalArts. I'd go at the drop of a hat if it was possible. I hate to seem like I'm bashing SCAD but I really feel like I'm wasting my time here.


sushipajamas said...

First of all its sad to see you bashing the fact that Phil is leaving. If you had done your research before complaining so much, you'd know that he is not the only Disney animator here right now. There's another guy here right now, who in my opinion knows more than Phil and was there longer, yes. He wasn't just an animator for them either, and he's taking over for Phil, and works ya, shows you and teaches even if you're not in his class. And he's been at scad for a very long time, but he just wanted to see some new scenery and retire...for a bit, but its not forever.

Also, Glenn Keane has been here but it was before you showed up to scad in the first place. I'v been here for awhile, you havent. Please stop complaining about scad. If you just took the initiative and asked, these professors would do anything for you, but its not going to handed to you on a silver platter, so just deal with it. Alot of good people were also here over the past while you were on your break from scad doing you AM thing.
Al I know is, I'm sick of...I get plenty of one on one feedback from the professor's here. And you dont need a $400 light table to do animation at home. That one at exlibris is a piece of crap anyways. Its not hard to make your own thats better ans waaaaaaay cheaper (less than 50), or to go out and buy a lghtbox and put a 5 dollar plastc durable peg on it. Take the initiative to TRY HARDER and get professors input, theyre just waiting for you to ask! Even for them to draw over your stuff or work one on one.

Plus through all your complaining you didn't even know we're getting another Disney animator, and one from blue sky in the fall did you? No. Well we are! Stop complaing!! Please!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I want to say that I enjoy looking at your work. But I think you have an incorrect opinion of SCAD. I think your drawing and 2D work that you'd done probably at SCAD is stronger than a lot of your 3D work. You shouldn't belittle the things that you've learned here.

Plus, I don't think that you can say you've been putting all of yourself into your SCAD assignments if you were simultaneously doing AM. Also... you posted this right around the time you were finishing Animation II. You still have a lot of important classes to take at SCAD. So far, most of your coursework has been foundations. I'm sure you'll be more impressed with your upper level (300-400 and up) classes.

Have you taken any classes with Troy Gustafson? He was at Disney for like 12 years and is VERY knowledgable. Highly recommend him. Also, Gary Goldman is coming to do an artist in residency. There is also a rumor that we may be getting one or more Disney vets soon.
I was also upset that Phil Young left, so I can understabd your frustration. You just need to realize that there are great professors here.

At any school (even CalArts) the students must make an effort to get the most out of their education. I think you'll see now that AM is done, you'll get more out of SCAD. As long as you stay focussed. There is a reason why, as Prof Gustafson has told us, Disney reps call SCAD the "CalArts of the east coast." It's a good school!!!

Anonymous said...


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