Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I Maybe Down But I'm Not Out

Hey guys. I just heard back from human resources at Disney and got some wonderful news. Their internship deadline wasn't March 16th like I thought it was. I still have time to submit something to them since their correct deadline is April 6th. They've marked me as an internship candidate and all I have to do now is send them my reel. I still don't have any additional shots to send, so I'll just put some title cards on my Vacation scene and use that as my reel. I've heard a lot of talk about students with great reels lost the job because they made the mistake of putting one lower quality shot on there. I'm not going to make that mistake, lol. My reel will only be ten seconds long, but it will be ten seconds of my best work (excluding the shot I'm working on right now).

If I am able to finish my current shot by next Friday, I'll include it on there as well. I'm not going to make the same mistake and rush simply to make the deadline though. If it isn't ready now it will be ready for next year. There's no sense in sacrificing quality and ultimately messing up my chance at getting in as the result.

Oh, it seems like I haven't posted a link to the AnimationMentor Winter Student Showcase. You guys have more than likely seen it by now, but here's the url anyway:


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