Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Which Program?

It seems like I will be doing the six month program that AM is offering for their short film students. My mentor says I don't really need it, but the extra time will only help. The only issue is that I will be back at SCAD for the final three months and will have to split my time between that and AM. I don't really look forward to doing that again, but if it will improve the quality of my short, then I'll do it. My mentor said the extra time will allow me to work more leisurely on the shots that I didn't focus on during the first three months. I agree completely there. I planned on finishing the "non-money shots" regardless, but having access to a mentor will really help me push my work further. I was worried about the fact that my short will make up the bulk of my summer internship reel and that it wont be finished in time for the May deadlines. I was told not to worry about that and as long as the work is solid there's nothing wrong with including a few w.i.p shots on the reel. Lol, he told me that one of his previous students put his w.i.p short on his reel and got hired at ILM. Hopefully I'll be just as lucky. :D

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Heather Kilber said...

I'm Heather. I started a blog two months or so ago in hopes to create some great networking. As an aspiring animator myself I would like to get to know you more. Your work is great! I haven't quite gotten to the animation part yet; right now I'm trying to get a strong 2d basis and life drawings under my belt. Check out my blog. Love to chat with you! Good luck on everything you do.

Best wishes,
Heather Kilber