Monday, February 19, 2007

Blocking Plus

Hey guys,

Here's my whole short in the blocking plus stage. I'm not proud of it at all. I lost way too many days of work over the last three weeks and haven't been able to get my short to the point I wanted it to be for this stage. I like shot 13 and 16, I feel like I finally remembered how to animate when I worked on those. I just wish I had enough time to make all of the other shots like that.

There isn't any sound this time. Some of the shots have gotten longer and require me to rearrange the sound effects and music again. I don't have hours to spend doing that for the third time, so I just skipped it. I'm going to leave the sound alone until the very end. I imagine you guys know what the sounds will be by now from watching my previous posts of my progress anyway. Sorry about that. It's just that I'd much rather spend my time getting shot 15 into the blocking plus stage instead of moving sound files around.

Scare Tactics-blocking plus

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