Thursday, September 28, 2006

Story Time

Hey guys. I just finished watching this weeks AM lecture on the process of storytelling. I've become inspired by what I heard/saw and have decided to do an exercise. I'm going to list a few random words and put them together to make a story. I hope to do one of these each day to improve my story telling skills. Ok, here we go:

Belt, cat, french fries, rose, and carpet

Once upon a time there was a cat who loved roses. Everyday he would collect roses from his garden and fashion them in a belt. The cat took great pride in his rose belts and displayed them in his living room for everyone to see. But one day, the cat went to hang his latest creation only to find his previous belts were missing! He searched the area franticly, hoping to find a clue to the whereabouts of his prized possessions. During his search, the cat stumbled upon some french fries laying on his carpet.
The cat hadn't eaten any french fries in days so he knew that couldn't have been his. After pondering for a while, he left his house to search every fry selling location. The poor cat searched for weeks without success. He returned home a month later and cried. The cat didn't let his incident deter him from his love of roses or from creating his beautiful rose belts. Though he continues to practice his craft, the cat no longer displays his creations. Instead, he locks them up in a trunk at the foot of his bed, where they remain this very day.

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