Thursday, September 21, 2006

Another Up-date and Great News

Here's another up-date. I'm almost done applying the crits that I've received. I've also just talked with my mentor and found out that he doesn't want me to change some of the things that people wanted me to change. Since he's the director, I'm going to follow his instruction even though those particular comments were quite helpful.

The Vacation h264 2.33mb

The Vacation sorenson 5.38mb

Since this is the last week of class 4, my mentor gave everyone an overall critique. He told me that all of my assignments this term were great. He said in a studio setting my boss might get nervous since I struggled with Leo's walk so much. My mentor said that obviously I am able to get the work done, but the struggling part might scare some people. He recommends working more on physical animation and I really agree. I had planned on doing some physical shots during the next term anyway. My mentor also said that my workflow could use some ironing out, but he doubts that will be a problem since I'll have two more years at SCAD to finalize that.

I told him how adamant I am about getting into feature right out of school. He told me about how studios switch from looking only for experienced animators to looking for students. I didn't know that studios went back and forth like that, so timing will be a large factor. My mentor said based off of my work for this term and my rate of improvement, he's certain that I'll be able to reach my goal. It took a few seconds for his comment to sink in, but once it did I couldn't stop smiling, LOL. I'm so glad my work is paying off and Ethan's comment has boosted my drive even more! LOL, now I'm going to work even harder! It is extremely important that I get that Disney internship this coming summer so I'll have some experience for my resume. Hopefully that will make me more appealing to human resources when it's time for me to graduate.

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