Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A Quick Entry

I'm rather tired right now, so this entry will be short. I wish I hadn't played Neopets all day Monday. Now I feel like I'm on break and don't have anymore work to do. Technically, I am on break since I've been done with SCAD for over a week now, but I must pull through with AM. This is the last week we'll have an assignment, so I must resist the urge to be lazy and play games all day.

This week we're supposed to animate either our vanilla or personality walk from the 3/4 perspective view. Our sketchbook assignment is to make a pose that communicates balance. I wanted to stay away from the cliche gymnastics poses, but I seem to have failed. I'm still trying to think of a different pose and if I come up with one I'll replace my current one.

As far as my walk goes, I'm still having trouble. I've revised the side view from week 10, but am having problems with the trans x of the hips and feet in the front view.

Revised Side View

I'm also a bit uncertain about my current rot z on the hips. The Animator's Survival Kit says to dip the hip down with the back leg on the contact poses. I'm uncertain because, it seems like you would have your weight on the back leg rather than the front. I e-mailed Steve before coming here to make this entry. Hopefully I'll have a response by mid-day tomorrow. Anyway, I'm not worrying about the 3/4 view until I'm happy with the front view. Besides, if I get it to look right in the front and side views then it should look good in the 3/4 view.

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